Core values

Having faith in, God almighty.

Being respectful, loyal and successful.

Being tolerant of cultural diversity.

Taking well care of our environment.



 We commit ourselves to :

Provide high quality education.

Endeavour at all times to provide our learners with a good moral example.

Foster as good working relationship with the parents.

Ensure a secure and safe school environment for our learners.



To be a school of Excellence.


82 Years of Historical Education

From the year 1936 there were no schools reserved for coloureds in Windhoek. This has resulted leaders of the coloured and basters community to request for a school for their ethnic group. This problem gave rise to the demands by the coloured-baster group leaders in 1935 from the then Administration of South West Africa.

After several negotiations with the Unity government and the Municipality of Windhoek to establish their own school, the old German building in Kerkstraat was availed to the leaders. The school was established at the beginning of the fourth term in 1936 and, to be known as the “Government Coloured School” with a total number of 93 learners from substandard A (Grade 1) to standard 6 (Grade 8). The staff compliment consisted of Mr. H.C.B Van Wyk and L. le Pere as assistants.

In 1937, the number of learners rose from 93 to 119 and a new principal was appointed, namely Mr. C.H.J Schutte. He remained in the post until 1943.

The first committee members were appointed in1943. They were Mr. M. Swartz (Chairperson), H. De Vries, D. Petersen, J. Seboa and W. Plaatjies. They were part of 7 pioneers who fought for a school for their children, a school they can call their own.

In 1946, the first coloured principal, Mr. Olivier was appointed, with excellent reference of Mr. M.H Greeff who was the Chief inspector of all schools in South West Africa at the time. He appointed 4 teachers namely, M. D.K Wtibooi, D.R Dearham, A.J.F Kloppers and Ms. H. Plaatjies. In the same year the school opened its first library.

In 1953, the Government Coloured School was renamed as M.H Greeff Primary School in honour of then Director of Education, M.H Greeff, because of the role he played in promoting coloured teachers and education as suggested by the school committee.

In 1958, the shortage of classrooms obliged the Department to erect a pre-fabricated school next to the Gammams river on the edge of the “Old Location”.

In 1963, it was decided for all learners from substandard A to standard 3 that resided in Katutura attend the school there, and those learners from standard 4 (Grade 6) to standard 6 (Grade 8) to attend school at M.H Greeff Primary School.

The number of learners rose so rapidly that the administration was obliged once again to start with construction of a permanent school in Khomasdal.

During the first term in 1965, the Khomasdal School was completed. Both schools, M.H Greeff and Katutura moved to the new built building. They had a combined enrolment of 512 learners in total and 16 staff members Mr. Plaatjies filled the post of vice-principal.

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